Skimmelberg Guest Farm with Self-catering Farmhouse Accommodation near Clanwilliam in the Western Cape South Africa

Skimmelberg Guest Farm with self-catering accommodation near Clanwilliam Western Cape South Africa
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Cederberg Country Cottages Guest Farm Western Cape South Africa

The farm with its Rooibos tea lands, Buchu plantations and Citrus orchards is set on top of a mountain range in the Skimmelberg Nature Reserve. Around you the mountainsides are untouched and indigenous fauna and flora abound, like the Queen Magnifica, small game, many bird species and even the elusive Cape Leopard, which is now a protected species.
Skimmelberg is the ideal place to really get away from it all. The natural beauty and tranquility is truly a gift to your soul.

Rooibos Tea lands. Farm dam Carpets of wild flowers in spring.

Skimmelberg is a well established producer of herbal Rooibos and Buchu teas and Citrus for the local as well as export markets.
Visit for more detailed information. Guided farm tours are available - please request on booking.
Besides tea lands, Buchu plantations and Citrus orchards, you can see and experience the untouched mountain reserve surrounding the farm.
From August to October carpets of wild flowers and rare indigenous species flower, transforming the area into a spectacle of colour.

Cape Leopard track. Pair of Duikers. Cape Leopard caught by a motion sensor camera.

The nature reserves harbours many indigenous game and bird species. Sightings of baboons, dassies (rock rabbits), small deer, like the two Duikers silhouetted on a ridge and Black Eagles are not uncommon. The first photo is of a Cape Leopard spoor (track). These elusive animals are very rarely seen, but they are once again thriving after being given protected status, as can be seen in the last photo, which was taken at night by a motion sensor camera.

Duiker ewe. A dirt road on the mountain. Black Eagle nesting site.

Small game, like this Duiker, prolific birdlife and a nesting site of Black Eagles high on a ledge on a cliff face are more of the sights and experiences you can expect at Skimmelberg. The middle photo is of the Kransvleikloof road about 15km from the farm; very popular with bird watchers for the rare species encountered there.
Beautiful scenery, indigenous fauna and flora, fresh air and incredible night skies will all contribute to an experience you'll never forget.

Tea lands, farm dam and mountain scenery. Harvesting Rooibos Tea. Mountain stream in winter.

Rooibos and buchu occurs naturally on the slopes of the Skimmelberg mountain. Today it is cultivated as a crop in a sustainable way to ensure and adequate supply, thus protecting it from over-exploitation in the wild.
In October the Citrus trees blossom and fill the air with their intoxicating scent.

Wolfberg Arch in the Cederberg. Stadsaal Caves in the Cederberg. Cederberg Maltese Cross.

The farm can be used as a base from where to explore the many natural attractions and sights of the Cederberg about 60km away, known for its dramatic rock formations. Weathered over millennia, these rock "sculptures" often resemble all kinds of imagined forms. Your hosts will gladly direct you to attractions like Wolfberg Arch, the Stadsaal Caves and the Maltese Cross.

Lambert's Bay. Bird Island Gannet colony. Muisbosskerm Open-air Beach Restaurant.

On day trips you can also visit the coastal town of Lambert's Bay (about 60km away) to see the harbour with colourful fishing boats and the huge colony of Gannets on Bird Island or book at the Muisbosskerm restaurant, serving fresh seafood almost on the beach.
The sleepy village and surfing mecca of Eland's Bay is also about 60km away and the Clanwilliam (about 30km) and Bulshoek (about 40km) Dams are close enough to visit on an afternoon outing.