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Rooibos and Buchu Tours - A trip to Skimmelberg is a journey into organic farming at its best. Skimmelberg's farming operations take place on the doorstep of the Skimmelberg Nature Reserve. To see the real magic of behind what makes this totally organic product range so special, you have to visit the farm. The tour features the Skimmelberg farm, nursery, Buchu distillery, wormery, our shop for tea tasting and products


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The farm with its Rooibos tea lands, Buchu plantations and Citrus orchards is set on top of a mountain range in the Skimmelberg Nature Reserve. Around you the mountainsides are untouched and indigenous fauna and flora abound, like the Queen Magnifica, small game, many bird species and even the elusive Cape Leopard, which is now a protected species. Skimmelberg is the ideal place to really get away from it all. The natural beauty and tranquility is truly a gift to your soul.


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